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'How should I promote my podcast' is the second most asked question in all the Facebook podcast groups, right behind microphone questions. Here's a roundup of good options.

How and where you should promote your podcast depends on where your audience is. I see podcasters promoting their podcast episodes in Facebook groups dedicated to other podcasters, when that’s not their audience at all. It’s odd.

On the other hand, I see savvy podcasters promoting episodes of their podcast with all the right hashtags, samples of their audio, and so on, on other channels as well. Where you do it is a great subject for another post. We’ll get there. How you promote your podcast episodes — as in, the tools you can use for doing it — that’s what this post is about.

I’ve got 7 tools for you; some of which you may be familiar while others are new and pretty darn clever.


Wavve is the standard for turning a snippet of a podcast into a teaser video that you can share anywhere. Here’s a recent example from one of my podcast episodes using the Wavve podcast video.

I select the background image, I choose a waveform (I like things minimalist but you can get pretty creative with their options, I can choose a ‘progress animation’ (which shows the progress of the audio playing from beginning to end), add a text overlay, and I can even add captions.

This is a great way to promote your podcast because you can give people short and sweet excerpts or snippets from recent episodes. Or, you can produce entirely separate promos for your podcast.

I find the options that Wavve offers to be the most flexible, hence the reason I personally pay for and recommend their service. No affiliate link or anything.

Wavve has a free option and a $10/mo plan that provides up to 10 minutes per month, though you can rollover up to 30 minutes of unused, accumulated time to the next month.

2. Headliner

Headliner is a direct competitor to Wavve. They also offer a free option that’s very generous (10 videos with no Headiner logo/watermark). The lowest paid plan is $12.95/mo at the time of this writing.

While I don’t have my own example to share, here’s a tweet from Libsyn that includes the Headliner app’s video in use.

3. Repurpose

Repurpose is really unique. This tool enables you to connect multiple accounts — your podcast feed, your YouTube channel, your Twitter account, your Instagram TV channel, and your Facebook page, for example — and when you publish a new podcast episode to your feed, the other channels automatically get a video pushed to them of that episode with your cover art, or some other image you choose.

Here’s a five-minute overview from founder Hani Mourra. He’s a great friend to the podcast industry, offering several tools.

I haven’t found any other tools like Repurpose to promote your podcast. Really cool and plans start at only $12/mo.

You'll never want to manage your podcast any other way

4. Overcast

Overcast is a podcast player. On the surface, it’s just like Pocket Casts, or the default Apple Podcasts app, or any of the myriad podcast apps out there for iOS and/or Android.

But a new feature from them makes it easy for podcasters and even their fans to share episodes with others via mobile. But they go two steps further than that. You can share a link to a specific time stamp in your podcast episode.

And get this…

You can even create your own video like Wavve and Headiner offer, with precision on the start and stop moment of the snippet you want to promote, from your smartphone, for free. Your podcast’s cover art is featured in the resulting video that you can then share instantly, without even downloading to your smartphone first.

Here’s an example from my podcast:

Now, on the same screen where you select the start and stop times of your snippet, you can also choose whether you want your video to be in portrait mode, landscape, or square. You can keep or eliminate the Overcast logo branding as well. That’s generous.

If you care to know, the video file is in the format of .mov should you choose to actually download it to your device and transfer it to your computer.

What’s best? This feature is free in the Overcast player.

5. Cast/Snip

Much like Overcast’s mobile offering, there’s a new app for iOS called Cast/Snip that offers the same functionality. Maybe you’ll like its options and functionality a bit better — or the look and feel of resulting video that you share. Here’s an example:

I quite like Cast/Snip because it’s much easier to choose your start and end times of the snippet you want to share, with precision. But they’re so new you probably won’t run across them anywhere else online for now. I happen to know the developer from my days in Oregon. Great guy and you’d do well to support him!

If you do download the video to your smartphone to transfer to your computer, the resulting file is an .mp4.

Cast/Snip is iOS-only for now and runs $4.99/mo as an iTunes subscription.

Alright, that’s plenty of snippet/video options for your podcast. Let’s take a look at a few additional tools that offer alternative benefits.

6. Rev

Transcriptions. Earlier in the very day I’m writing this post, Google announced that they’ll automatically transcribe and index your podcast contents, to enable for more discovery. But there are numerous ways to transcribe your podcast on your own vs. the cumbersome things you have to do to accommodate Google for the time being.

Transcriptions are a great way to promote your podcast while playing the long game — search engine optimization.

Why would you do this? Well, let’s make the assumption that you’re talking about things that are relevant to your niche audience, using your keywords, terms, and jargon. The more you can make do to ensure that content is available to search engines, the better for your podcast’s discovery outside of people searching the standard directories.

Rev offers this service, at $1/minute.

Turn the things you say into content that can be crawled by search engines and scanned by people visually on your website. It’s a great way to enhance your podcast’s discoverability.

7. Podnews

Podnews is as modern of a news outlet as there is. Not only do they share hot news on the podcast industry via their website and daily email newsletter, they offer tools and data insights. James Cridland is a great contributor and fan of the industry.

The feature they offer that’s promotional in nature is this: They pull in all podcasts in the Apple Podcasts directory and create a page for them. From that page, a visitor can, with one click, start listening to or subscribing to that podcast in any of 16 different podcast apps. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Castbox, Pocket Casts, and all the others.

Here’s the full screenshot of my podcast’s page on the Podnews site so you can see all the details they share with visitors to that page, pulled from other data sources.

HelloCast Podnews

I think the details Podnews includes on these pages is incredible, though a bit geeky and covering territory the typical podcast listener won’t care about at all. If you’re into the details, it’s compelling.

If you’re not into all the details Podnews shares on your dedicated page, and you’re a Wavve user, they just introduced something similar. Here’s my page:

Wavve HelloCast Freelance to Founder Page

Hopefully you’ve learned about a few new options for getting teasers of your podcast out there or sharing it in more easy-to-digest ways. Simply pumping links to your entire podcast on Apple Podcasts is short-sighted, even if it is the #1 podcast player and directory today.

Think bigger. Get creative. Let people ‘try before they buy.’ You’ll be glad you did. Promoting your content is nearly as important as the quality of the content itself.

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