Compiling Research for Your Podcast? Here are 2 Powerful Tools to Make it Fun and Easy

No More Podcast Frustration​

Love time on the mic but hate all the planning? Worried it's going to cause you to quit podcasting?
HelloCast is the podcasting platform for you.

We've got two forever-free Chrome extensions to make compiling research for your podcast incredibly fun and very easy. You may even find them addictive.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make it enjoyable. To that end, I’ve got two free tools that will make compiling research for your podcast more enjoyable. For those of you who need to keep it all in one place, I am offering you a simple tool that will reduce one of the most laborious parts of show prep down to a few simple clicks and the paste command.

And all you have to do is install free Google Chrome extensions. That’s it, before you reach the end of this article, you will have one or two powerful tools that you can start utilizing right away and being to save yourself precious time.

It doesn’t matter what kind of podcast you host — interview show, true crime, sports opinions, anything. In fact, you don’t even need a podcast to find value in this tool.

It doesn’t matter where you store your research—HelloCast, Evernote, OneNote, Google Docs, anywhere. You don’t have to have a HelloCast account. And we don’t capture any of the data you’re researching.

Here’s research scenario #1

Introducing HelloClips

Let’s say you found a great, extended quote from a guest who’s coming on your show soon. It’s 50% of the way down on a web page, halfway into a long paragraph. You don’t need the whole page content, nor even the whole paragraph.

You want to grab just the quote, the URL of the page, and maybe even the title of the page where the quote is found.

I don’t want to make that step sound overly complicated, but normally you’d need to copy the highlighted text and paste it where you keep your show research. Then you’d need to copy the URL of the page and paste it there as well, and then you’ll need to make note of the page title as well, if that matters to you.

Our free Google Chrome extension makes grabbing all three pieces of info a one-click process for you to paste into your show research tool of choice, after you’ve followed the steps below.

You'll never want to manage your podcast any other way

Here’s how HelloClips works.

First, we’ve got to set it up. Click the button below.

Next, open up this article (will open in another tab) so we can test things out.

Now, triple-click anywhere in the paragraph that starts, “I had moved from Google Sheets, to Trello, to Airtable…” so that the entire paragraph is now highlighted. If for some reason your computer doesn’t let you triple-click to highlight a paragraph, place your cursor at the beginning of the paragraph and drag it to the end of the paragraph so the whole thing is highlighted.

It should look like this at this point:

HelloCast Show Research Hack

With the paragraph fully highlighted, right-click and choose HelloClips from the context menu that pops up, or click the HelloClips icon in the top right corner. An overlay will popup that looks like this:

HelloClips Podcast Research Tool

Tap anywhere to close.

Now, just go to wherever you want to paste the info, say, for instance, the Research tab of HelloCast. But again, you can paste this anywhere. When you do a Command+V on a Mac, or Ctrl+V on Windows, this is what will happen (demonstrating in HelloCast).

That’s it. Is it GROUND-BREAKING or a SHOW-STOPPER for podcasters who need to compile pre-interview research? No. But will it cut down the amount of steps it takes you to do this task while not forcing you to install a whole new application that requires registering for an account or possibly paying a fee? ABSOLUTELY.

And as a side note: this process doesn’t put the information you highlight, copy, or paste at risk from a privacy standpoint. Nothing is captured outside of your local clipboard on your Mac or PC.

Go ahead and share it with your friends and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about it.

Here’s research scenario #2

Introducing HelloProfiles

Let’s say you’re compiling a master list of potential guests to your podcast. Experts in your niche whom you’d like to invite on to your show. And let’s assume they’re on Twitter (for now).

Normally you’d have to find these folks one by one and copy/paste their info into a spreadsheet or your contact manager.

You want to capture their name, Twitter handle, website, and maybe a short bio.

If it’s just one single person you need to do this for, maybe not so complicated. But the moment it hits even just two people, it’s getting a little tedious.

Our free Google Chrome extension for this makes it so smooth and easy, with so few clicks necessary, that you’ll actually enjoy planning and building your list of potential guests. Seriously.

Here’s how HelloProfiles works.

First, we’ve got to set it up. Click the button below.

Next, open up my profile on Twitter.

Now, simply right-click and choose HelloProfiles from the context menu that pops up, or click the HelloProfiles icon in the top right corner. An overlay will popup that looks like this:

HelloProfiles Podcast Guest Research Tool

The extension copies the person’s name, Twitter handle, bio, location, and website.

(By the way, you don’t even need a Twitter account to use this extension. Just navigate directly to the person’s account on Twitter from a Google search or a direct link from their website.)

And here’s where it gets interesting.

At this point, you can do one of three different things:

  1. Paste the info into whatever notes app you use
  2. Click the “Download CSV” button in the bottom right corner, so you can import the person’s data into an address book or any database that accepts import via .csv files
  3. Move on to the next Twitter profile and repeat the capture process. You can do this for a virtually unlimited number of profiles before downloading the whole set to a .csv file

Better, Faster Podcast Research

As mentioned, both of these extensions are forever free, and neither requires an account with any service, including HelloCast. Not only that, they’re entirely private. No content is compromised — it’s not even temporarily held in the cloud. Only your local clipboard. How cool is that?

We want to make compiling podcast research for the indie podcaster so much better, faster, and even fun to do.

Let us know your thoughts.

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